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Brawijaya Mengajar is one of the Ministry of Community Social Work Program Student Executive UB. Which is a form of UB students that have a feeling compelled to devote ourselves as one of the beings who have contributed to improve the quality of education of the nation. so, its materialized in the concept of teaching and learning activities with jargon ” Devoted Spirit “. Main target of UB students are elementary school and kindegarten that besides being in remote villages, the infrastructure also needs help in the learning process and Human Resources to improve the quality and spirit of learning.
The main activities of UB’s Teaching is the process of teaching and learning in the classroom that is conceptualized, so the classroom atmosphere will form a cool, active, and creative class. In addition it will also develop soft skills by inviting UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa or unit student activities) to fill material beyond academic hours and outside the classroom. The focus of activities is on Saturdays and Sundays for three months, but will still be adjusted with the schedule and needs of the students.
As one indicator of the success of “UB Teaching” is the growing enthusiasm and motivation to learn our students and increased public awareness about the importance of education. We also set up a special team to be able to publish the book of “UB Teaching” which contains stories of our mentors and committees for three months of service activities and establish independent libraries in the target institution.

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