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Gerakan Berbagi Buku (Book Share Action)

 Hi guys, let’s participate in the #bookshareaction or #gerakanberbagibuku that initiated by team UB Teaching. The books will be distributed to Ngebrong, Tawangsari, Pujon, Malang.

What kind of books?
Appropriate books for our brothers at the age of kindergarten and elementary school. Preferred book form:
– Textbooks
– Encyclopedia
– A collection of short stories
– Book story
– Picture booksAnother donation?
In addition to books, you can also make a donation in the form of note books, drawing books, and stationery.


You guys can collect it at secretariat EM UB.

When ?
Started collecting books on:
Session 1: July 1, – 15 September 2013
Session 2: 20 September to 10 November 2013
Collected in Secretariat: LKM UB Building 2nd Floor, Jl. Veteran 06 C Malang 65145

Contact person:
Saras 085731019985
Ria 08981887060

Twitter @UBmengajar
Email: brawijayamengajar@gmail.com
FP : Brawijaya Mengajar
Website: ubmengajar.ub.ac.id

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